2019 CalAgPlate Grant Program

Food, Fiber, Fuel, Flora

The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) is pleased to award $220,413 in 2019 CalAgPlate Program funds for projects that will promote and administer agricultural education and leadership programs for students, teachers and youth under the 2019 California Special Interest License Plate (CalAgPlate) grant program. The CalAgPlate program is funded with proceeds generated through the sale of specialized, agriculture-themed license plates through the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

2019 CalAgPlate Awards Funding Press Release

About the California Agriculture Special Interest License Plates

In April 2013, the first CalAgPlates were issued by the DMV — establishing the California Agriculture Special Interest License Plate. The issuance of the plates was approximately a three-year effort that first began in 2010. For a Special Interest License Plate to be established, more than 7,500 paid reservations needed to be received. As a result of the continued efforts of many student volunteers and agricultural organizations the 2019 program was made possible.

Annual revenue generated from the original purchase and renewal of CalAgPlates helps to support the CalAgPlate Grant Program. This grant program anticipates making $250,000 available on an annual basis to support agricultural education in California.

You can help support agricultural education and the CalAgPlate program by purchasing a special interest license plate at your local DMV office or online today.

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