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Division Of Measurement Standards: California Type Evaluation Program (CTEP)

Scale with weightAll commercial weighing and measuring devices must be evaluated, tested and approved by the Department of Food and Agriculture before use in California. This process is known as "Type Evaluation." Please see the CTEP Information Guide for further information.

Type Evaluation Certificates: Use the link below to search the California Type Evaluation Program (CTEP) database for a commercial weighing or measuring device that has an active California Certificate of Approval. For information regarding California certificates issued before 1989, or if you cannot find a specific device certificate, please call (916) 229-3000 or email at To expedite your request, please have the manufacturer's name and device model number when you call. A link is also provided below to the National Type Evaluation Program database for National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) database for NTEP Certificates of Conformance accepted by California.

Type Evaluation Certificates